18 Reasons why WPC is better than plywood.

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WPC is the mixture of Wood and Polymer to give your furniture a strong base and attractive look.

18 advantages of using wood polymer composites

Why Wood Polymer Composite?

WPC is an Eco-friendly, recyclable, Termite Resistance, Water Resistance, Fire Resistance, Chemical Resistance, Lead- free, High screw holding capacity, Maintenance free and Highly durable. In other words, WPC will support Global Warming by avoiding trees cutting.

Wood has been a standard building material for centuries. The rise of Global Warming and Deforestation has made wood-alternative increasing in popularity and use.

Alternate Product for Plywood 

     In the Modern Era of Furnishing, the use of plywood has become very complex. The world is asking for a change in furnishing and WPC is exactly the thing that will meet all your needs.

18 Advantages of using Wood Polymer Composite for furniture

1. 100 % Water Proof 

                        WPC Boards are Water Resistance. In other words, One can clean the board with water without worrying about it. For instance this boards are useful in washrooms, swimming pools, wash-sink, etc..

2. Termite, Fungal and Rat Resistance

                        Termite, Pest, can destroy the plywood used in your furniture. WPC boards is made up of grass and organic colors, which doesn’t let termite in.Therefore its 100% Termite Proof. It also protects your furniture from other fungal infections.

3. Fire Resistance

                        Plywood can catch Fire easily. However, WPC boards are Fully Fire Resistance therefore it doesn’t let the fire spread more. WPC boards can keep your house and your furniture safe from Fire.

4. Chemical Resistance

                       Chemicals used in Phynoil, Colin, etc for cleaning of furniture can damage plywood and result in the fade of furniture and change in color. However WPC board is made up of organic colors and doesn’t fade.

5. Lead- Free

                       It has no paint or petrol added in the making of Wood Polymer Composite boards. In conclusion it makes the product completely Lead- free.

6. Weather Resistance

                      WPC boards are used in roof-top for elevations. It doesn’t get fade in the sun, wet in rain and it doesn’t catch dust. In other words, no chance of Wrapping, Swelling & Twisting.

7. High Load Bearing Strength 

                  WPC boards can hold anything loaded on it. It has high load-bearing strength. WPC boards are unbreakable. 

8. Tough inside Smooth outside

                      WPC boards are made up of Wood Polymer Composites. It consists of grass in it. They are very strong from inside and it also gives a natural smooth look from outside.

9. Outstanding Screw retention

                   It can hold any Screw inserted with great density. WPC boards is stronger if compared with plywood


10. UV Resistance

     It has rich organic colors used in the making of this boards. It is 100% UV Resistance, direct sun-light cannot fade the color of furniture made with this product.

11. Can be used in Interior / Exterior

                     You can use this product for both Interior & Exterior furniture of your house, office. This boards can be used in the making of building elevation for an attractive exterior look.

12. Easy to Cut, Carpenter Friendly

              WPC boards are easy to cut easily it doesn’t require more effort. Carpenters can give any shape they want.

13. Sanding, Polishing, Painting, Laminate, etc. can be done

   Additional accessories like mica, veneer, etc. can be fixed on this boards. Polishing & Painting can be done..

14. Easy to Install

             This product is very easy to install. It doesn’t require many numbers of labor. 

15. Recyclable

             Wood Polymer Composite boards are 100% Recyclable.

16. Environment- Friendly Green Product

               It is not at all harmful to the environment. The use of WPC can save the earth from Global Warming & it can eradicate deforestation.

17. Natural Look & feel like Wood

                     Furniture made with WPC gives a natural look and feels like wood. WPC boards are smooth from outside and don’t require any additional installments like mica, veneer on it. (Though if you want you can fix it easily)

18. Homogenous 

               It is a Homogenous product and it stands out of the box with more advantages from other products like Plywood. The use of Wood Polymer Composite is more beneficial.


Wood Polymer Composite is the best replacement to plywood. Lets accept the change and use the environment-friendly product for our furniture.

If you think i have missed out anything please feel free to comment down below.


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